Hello and welcome! We are very excited to welcome you to White Heather Media. We have dreamed of being able to share our love of photography and videography with others and use it to tell stories of happiness and love. 

As we both have European ancestry, we thought, “what better way to give back than through an age-old tradition our ancestors practiced?”

An age old tradition in Scotland is to give a White Heather flower to the bride and groom on their wedding day as a symbol of good will and happiness. We want to wish ALL of our clients this exact sentiment and will give each client a White Heather on their wedding day. 

Please feel free to take a look around and thank you for taking the time to visit us!

– Molly O’Toole and Ian Herbst, Founders of WHM

About Ian Herbst

Seeing the world through my camera lens has always been my biggest passion. I see the beauty in capturing important moments in life, whether that is capturing someone's big day, on a new adventure, or just hanging around the apartment with my girlfriend.

Moments are important to me. When Molly and I started dating back in 2013, I started collecting little keepsakes from things that we had done and wanted to do. I now put them all in our (fairly large!) memory box. It's nice to go and look back at the wonderful times we've shared together. That is what inspired me to capture moments for others. I want people to be able to look back and cherish those special moments, big and small.

With our expertise and practice behind the camera, we are a dynamic team you don't want to miss out on working with!

Me in a Snapshot!
- Constantly staying up to date with my team, the NY Giants.
- Will eat almost anything (but I love to pick off my girlfriend's plate)
- Big on hiking - the Camino is my dream!
- Dog Lover (especially Australian Shepherds!)

About Molly O'Toole

Going into college, I had no idea where I wanted my life to go or the path I wanted to end up on. I dipped my toes in communications, theater, archaeology, hospitality, film and journalism. Through my constant indecision, I realized my passion was for the one thing that encompassed every area of study; storytelling. I love to tell stories, through any and all mediums. As a recent graduate and an avid adventurer, I want to capture your history, your story, your moment because it's honestly what I love to do.

Being able to date my best friend and constant companion has helped me expand my storytelling both in front and behind the camera. Ian has both encouraged and inspired me to expand through my photography, cinematography, and modeling careers throughout our time together and I wouldn't be where I am today without his constant support. Together we are a dynamic team; I'm the talker in the relationship and love to help people feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera while also working with Ian behind it.

Me in a Snapshot!
- Donut Connossieur
- Dog Lover (Especially Golden Retrievers!)
- Lover of all things film photography
- Aspiring member of the Goonies

A Little About Us

Meet our Border/Aussie Charly!

We Met at JMU and Graduated Together

Our Passion is Exploring New Places Together

National Parks are Our Favorite Stop Off Locations

In Our Downtime, We are Always planning our Next Adventure

We Love Taking Pictures of Each Other